Some real good videos on Spirulina

Just thought I’d kick off the blogs at Spirulina.Company with a series of good videos on Spirulina

1. What is Spirulina and Why is it a Top Superfood?

2. Visit to a Local Culture of Spirulina

Video of a visit to a local culture of spirulina in Madurai, South India. Some excellent inputs on how spirulina is produced.

3. Spirulina-The Amazing Algae

A quick run through of spirulina – right from its cultivation to technology to benefits

4. Organic Spirulina Manufacturing process- from Parry Nutraceuticals

Parry uses a vegetarian source of nitrogen and phosphorous for Organic Spirulina cultivation.

5. First Commercial Spirulina Farm in California

This video of Earthrise Farms, the first US spirulina algae farm, was made in 1983 shortly after Earthrise began operations in the Imperial Valley of Southern California. With several expansions into the 1990s, Earthrise Farms grew into the world’s largest spirulina farm on over 40 hectares, with a capacity of over 500 tons of spray dried spirulina powder per year. (1983)

6. Algae Production from Spirulina Lakes in Myanmar

Algae Production System of Natural Spirulina Lakes in Myanmar. By Min Thein, Myanmar Pharmaceutical Factory.